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Wedding Dancing Lessons DVD

Mary Lou Kaye, Master Dance Teacher, helps you get ready for that very special wedding. It could be your own, your child’s, your sister’s, brother’s, cousin’s or someone else pretty special to you. Maybe you’re part of the wedding party or maybe you’re just tired of sitting out. Regardless, dancing plays a big part in celebrating and she’s going to make sure you can participate.

Wedding Dancing - Wedding Dance Lessons

Partner dancing is reduced to its simplest and easiest form ever. Dancing is walking to music – you can do that! Does the music confuse you? No matter! The steps on the tape allow you to dance to almost any social dance rhythm you hear. You don’t have to identify a waltz, fox trot or rumba. The same steps will work fo ryou. You’ll be out of your seat and moving to the music before you know it!

There’s even a BRIDE and GROOM DANCE ROUTINE. It can be used when they dance to their song. It can be used by the wedding party when they join the special pair. Or it can be used by you for your own enjoyment as you dazzle your friends with your new footwork.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Walking & Rhythm
  • Movements, Drills & Freestyle
  • Leading and Following
  • Frame
  • Basic Box
  • Turning Box
  • Progressive Promenade
  • Promenade with Turn
  • Open Check
  • Bride and Groom Dance Routine

All this for less than the price of one private lesson. Of course, if you want to continue dancing after the big event you may want to check out the other tapes in the Social Dance series.


…If you or someone you know is getting married this year, get in step for the festivities with “Wedding Dancing” (480.491.4942) taught by Mary Lou Kaye, a certified ballroom dance instructor and two-time national polka champion…” Chicago Tribune – January 1998