Professional Reviews of Instructional DVDs

Video Librarian….
“Learn Basic Social Dance” gets the job done, and Kaye is a gifted and humorous teacher. 3 stars. Recommended.

Library Journal…
…With a twinkle in her eye, Kaye covers “Dance steps you already know,” including a very funny demonstration of the chasse as the step you do sliding by that row of people in the movies. Drills and a variety of free-style steps get the beginner warmed up and comfortable….”

Los Angeles Times…                                                                                                                  “Basic Social Dance“….is one of five hot-to-dance videos featuring…Mary Lou Kaye who…is an award-winning master dance teacher and studio owner. Kaye has a nice sense of humor and serves up fun tips on the art of social dancing. Also available…are videos on wedding dances and the polka…”

Midwest Book Review…
…MLK Enterprises has put together three outstanding 60 minute, full color instructional videos…that take the viewers from the very basic through sophisticated and “expert level”….moves….Her exceptionally clear, humorous and easy-to-follow video trilogy are a fun, fast, effective way to learn the contemporary bounce polka…..no library video …shelf would be complete without Mary Lou’s …..Basic Social Dance and Wedding Dance.”

Chicago Tribune (Tempo)…
…If you or someone you know is getting married this year, get in step for the festivities with “Wedding Dancing” taught by Mary Lou Kaye…”


Student Comments and Reviews

Leo K. Cummins…

“I found your Basic Social Dance tape for the beginner to be easy to follow. Your advancing to the Promenade with Turn, Open Check and Open and Closed Combinations added great interest for another tape leading to advanced combinations with the Fox Trot, Rumba, Waltz, Cha Cha and Swing.”

Nick Mihalko
“Watching these tapes is like having Mary Lou as a personal trainer.”

Al Levesque
“Like the way the lesson was presented. Easy to understand….”

Curt Smith
“I recently purchased Polka 101 from you. This was one of the best ‘how to’ dance tapes I ever watched. It really showed the basic mechanics of the dance. That’s why I’m sending for Polka 102 and 103.”

Nancyann and Ressler Nobles
“Polka 101 was a great tape to watch…. My husband and I love to dance and your video makes it a lot easier.”

Albert A Kotomori
“I bought a video tape, ‘Learn Basic Social Dance’. It is very good instruction by you. It is easy to learn dancing…..”

Donna M. Wink
“Using the CD entitled, ‘Cha Cha Practice Music’ is a tremendous help to me in learning to do the Cha Cha dance. Some of the music is exceptionally good for beginners like me! Keep up the good work!.”

Larry Lund.
“I have been checking dance tapes out of the Mesa library and by far the best beginners tape so far is one by Mary Lou Kaye and Dan Kaye. A very good tape!!”

Diane M. Hans
”Mary Lou, I used your video to help out my 2nd grade Brownie Troop. I watched the video and then choreographed some Polka music. The dance was a complete success. The kids can’t wait until next year to do another dance!!…The most helpful part for me trying to teach the kids was the use of chairs and really starting from scratch on your video. Thank you so very much.”

Janet L. Retka
“Fantastic video – can’t wait to put what I’ve learned to use on the dance floor.”

Richard M. Nelson
“My wife and I enjoyed the quality of the video tape as well as your step-by-step instruction. The inspiration comes from watching you dance at the end. Thank you..”

Rebecca Daugherty
“Clear, concise lessons. We quickly graduated from the Hop to the Bounce. Will soon order 102 and 103….”

Kirk and Maryrose
“My girlfriend and I have truly enjoyed your Polka 101 and 102 tapes, and are now the center of compliments at all the polka dances we attend.”

Ellen and Michael Klarfeld
“We just wanted to thank you for the great dance classes Michael and I have been to with you. Thank you for your fun and instructional classes. You are a very good teacher.”

Mr. & Mrs. V. Kemperman…
“instructions are very clear-…we should have no problem learning. So happy with the tape we are ordering another.”

Shirley A. Navelski…
“…my husband and I are very pleased with your teaching style…Many have tried to teach this to us but we never could seem to get it…we both want to thank you for breaking the dance down in such a way we feel confident in our ability to master this…It is a pleasure for me to recommend your videos to my friends.”

Marlow & Jackie Jacobsen
“We liked your way of’ keeping it simple’ style of teaching! We have many films to learn…but yours is one of the best…I only wish all our dancing friends could learn the basics from you…”

Shirley J. Miller
“Your instructions were easily understood and demonstrated very well. I am now ordering both of your new tapes…They had[sic]to be good!!”

Walter Kalitan
“We enjoyed the tape very much. The instructions were clear and concise. We would be very interested in additional levels…”

Willa C. Lyles
“Looking forward to receiving the new videos – have found your method of teaching quite excellent.”

Leo P.
“Let me know when the next tape comes out…or just send it to me with bill.”

John & Alberta Zielinski
Rec’d your Polka 102. Loved it. For years trying to do it and you made it so simple.”

Joe Thome
“Your method of presenting the material has obviously been well thought out and encourages confidence…I also like the way you present much of the material…This makes it much easier to learn…Your unique tips on how to learn some of the techniques are also outstandingly helpful.”

Sandra Freeman
“We took…lessons and just couldn’t seem to master it…we…picked up information about your…video so we ordered it. Already we are doing a passable version…we are having fun with it.”

Nancyann Nobles
“Do not change your instructions on your videos. It is great…your video makes it a lot easier.”

Joseph M. Hamzik
Enjoyed your Video 101 and now ready for Video 102.”

G. O. (Texas)
“Polka 101. Excellent. Polka 102. Excellent.”

A. Frank
“I’m delighted with the “Basic Dance Video.” Your style of teaching is down-to-earth and makes a great deal of sense. Also, you make it into a fun time.”

Estelle Brodhead
“I thoroughly enjoyed and learned quite a bit from your video tape “Basic Social Dancing.”

Gilbert Kopera
“If you have the personality & love that you perpetuate in your films, I surely would like to meet you & make you a dear friend for life.”

Deborah Stone
“I think you could teach a monkey to dance.”