Music Review of CD: Rhythm & Blues (Buy Now!)

Producer:  Putumayo Presents

Track 1   I’ve Never Found a Man to Love WCS – ECS – Cha Cha  Rating:  4.5*
Track 2   ‘Til Your Fool Comes Home  Cha Cha   Rating:  3.0*
Track 3   Sweet Feeling    West Coast Swing  Rating:  4.5
Track 4   Who Knows    West Coast Swing  Rating 3.5-4.0
Track 5   My Honey and Me   Cha – ECS – WCS  Rating:  4.0
Track 6   Wang Dang Doodle   ECS – Cha Cha   Rating:  4.5
Track 7   Put Me Down Easy   Cha Cha   Rating:  4.5
Track 8   ‘Cuz I’m Here    Night Club 2 Step – HB  Rating:  3.0
Track 9   A Mother’s Love   Cha Cha – ECS   Rating:  4.0
Track 10  100 Days, 100 Nights   Cha Cha   Rating:  4.0
Track 11  Before I Find the Right Girl for Me Huggie Bear   Rating:  4.0
Track 12  River Is Waiting   East Coast Swing  Rating:  4.5

Great music and another album that you should own in its entirety.  Music performed by a variety of legends and rising stars.

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