Music Review – CD: Latin Party


CD: Latin Party
Producer: Putumayo Presents

Track 1 Big Apple Googaloo  Cha Cha  Rating:  5*
Track 2 Buena Suerte  (Cuba) Mambo-QQS  Rating:  5*
Track 3 Son de Nueva York     Cha Cha  Rating:  4.5*
Track 4 Electric Boogaloo  Cha Cha – fast Rating:  4.0*
Track 5 Rico Montuno  Cha Cha – fast Rating:  4.0*
Track 6 Asi Se Compone Un Son Cha Cha – fast Rating:  4.5*
Track 7 Las Calles de Medellin Cha Cha  Rating:  4.5*
Track 8 Cumbia del Caribe  Cumbia  Rating:  4.5*
Track 9 Mi Gente   QQS   Rating:  4.5*
Track 10 Regi Bugalu   Cha Cha  Rating:  3.5*
Track 11 Ni Tilingo Ni Titingo  Salsa   Rating:  4.5*
Track 12 Yiri Yiri Bon   Cha Cha  Rating:  4.0*

The music on this album is performed by a variety of artists and hails from several different places in the world……the USA, Cuba, Puerto Rico, France, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, UK and Jamaica.  Traditionally Cuba, Puerto Rico and France will play a quicker tempo than the other countries.

This album is awesome.  Songs are rated on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) stars and I hardly ever assign a 5 to a song.  It would be impossible for me to sit down any time this album is playing.

If you like Latin music…..add this to your collection now!

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