Let’s Talk Dance Shoes



  • They’re a very important part of dance
  • You want to be sure of good fit
  • They can enhance performance same as sports shoes.

  • European sources – require sizing conversion

    Man's Basic Dance Shoe

    Man’s Basic Dance Shoe

Dance vs. Street Shoes (characteristics)

Primary features of dance shoes: The sole is sueded leather which allows for better feel and connection to the dance floor. There is a shank in the arch to provide additional support.

Variances in dance shoes:

  • much lighter weight (men especially notice the difference
  • traditionally European manufacturers are very expensive and high quality – geared for competition dancers
  • in current years less expensive shoes have appeared on the market, primarily from China – lesser quality but acceptable for social style dancing – plastic instead of steel shank; sole not finished as nicely – not relevant to performance – offered in American sizing but not consistently true to size
  • fit should be different than street shoes – they should be a closer fit to avoid sliding within the shoe itself.

In the next Blog, we’ll expand on this topic and provide more info on the styles and points to consider when making a purchase.

If you have any questions about this topic, please don’t hesitate to ask….others may be  looking for the same answer.

See you on the dance floor !              Mary Lou Kaye

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