iPod Touch 4 – a dancer’s review!

Music has to be played to be enjoyed and today life is on the run so we need to look at a mobile option that will serve the needs of geeks and techie dummies as well.  I lead the pack when it comes to a techie dummy (not proud of it but what’s fact is fact).

Since I teach out of several locations all of which have made the transition to current technology, I needed something that was reliable and could serve the many needs of a dance instructor who has to schedule classes, play music for hours on end and maybe look up a student’s phone number.

In the past my son had purchased a simple little 1gb mp3 player for me……it took 4 years before I took it out of the wrappings with a determination to figure it out.  That didn’t happen quickly, let me tell you.

Now it was time to advance to the new technology. I was very hesitant to upgrade to something my 2 grandsons had all but grafted onto their arms.  I couldn’t even touch their units without everything going haywire.

The best thing about the Apple iPod Touch is that the company makes it so easy to learn.  They have group classes at their retail stores….all of their numerous sales clerks are eager to help you fix a problem…..you can call them up and get advice over the phone and you can even make appointments with the Genius department if you don’t want to wait and prefer individual attention.  With all of that support available even I jumped in with both feet.

I got a great deal at Amazon.com and became the proud owner of a 32 gb iPod Touch 4.  Not only can I manipulate it to do the absolute necessities I purchased it for…..I can even play Sudoku on it and read a book when traveling.  Life is good.

The best marketing tool in the world is teaching someone how to use your product.  Now….how about that iPad…………

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