Fearless Leaders

Get a step up on sweeping that enticing female off her feet on the dance floor. Become a “Fearless Leader” on the dance floor.

Because the man is the quarterback of this 2 person team, it’s very much to his advantage to have some of the necessary skills already in place when he begins his dancing journey with all the lovely followers he will attract. The ladies just can’t resist a GOOD Leader!!!

In this revolutionary class you will….

  1. Learn to “hear” and interpret the music
  2. Learn footwork needed to execute turns and move around the floor
  3. Discover the all-important connection that helps the lady respond to your lead
  4. Learn all the little secrets that will make you an IRRESISTIBLE Leader.
  5. Learn how to move to all your favorite music…..no matter what style it is.

The class will offer 5 hours of instruction and is considered a semi-private class since participation must be limited so that each of the students will have the opportunity to interact with the instructor to cement the material presented. The objective is to develop confidence in the leaders so that when they join a group class or continue on their dancing journey they will not only be able to lead their lovely partners, but they will be able to help them learn.

It’s extremely helpful for a leader to have a strong power base and a command of the basics required to dance and lead well.

The next class will begin on Thursday, June 20, 2013.  Check it out!

See you on the Dance Floor!




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