Level 3 Classes

East Coast Swing

This syncopated dance (taking more steps than beats of music) is a whole lot of fun and presents itself in many different moods: upbeat and smooth ~ bouncy ~ down and dirty, to name just a few. Here we add “and” counts to the basic Slows and Quicks we were using before.

Rock and Roll, disco, C/W, big band and pop music all provide opportunities to dance this fun dance, much of which is done in open break position, another new concept in the dance partnership development.

Cha Cha Cha

This is the most common of the Latin dances and it, too, has different moods and is found in a wide variety of music genres such as C/W, pop, Rock and Roll, big band, etc. It’s always fun whether it’s softly romantic, sharp and staccato or hot and spicy. Like the Swing, it uses “and” counts. It is a “spot” dance in that the couple does not move around the floor but stays in their own space.

2012 Fall Class Schedule

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