Dancing Divas

Gotta Dance Lessons - Girls Only(Girls Only)

We’ll learn:

  • Line Dances
  • Party Dances
  • Folk Dances
  • Broadway Routines
  • And…more…

Girls Only!

This class is designed for all the solo Dancing Divas out there. Exercise, a huge amount of fun and a whole lotta dancin’ is packed into this 10 week dance class. This class differs in that it does not require a partner but allows the students to express their feel for the music in their own way.

It offers fun, exercise and a chance to “shake your booty” to all genres and syles of music. We will dance to Country/Western, Broadway, popular, funky and golden oldies songs. Ethnic folk and specialties like the Irish Jig will be part of the curriculum as well. There’s something for to please everyone in this class.

Choreographed routines will bring out the “showgirl” in all of us. Line dances will provide social poise when attending events where dance plays a big part.

No experience or partner necessary.

Are YOU a Dancing’ Diva?

Here are the requirements:

  1. You must be breathing ~ any age
  2. You must love music
  3. You must want exercise that’s FUN
  4. You want to be more flexible & agile
  5. You want better balance.
  6. You want freedom to move
  7. You want a Girls’ Night Out
  8. You are a closet showgirl

If any 2 of the above ring your bell, you’re a Dancin’ Diva !!!

Don’t Miss Out !!! Dance ~ Exercise ~ Fun

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