Act 1, Scene 1:
He has popped the question…she has given the hoped-for answer and now the newly affianced couple will face the largest challenge in their newly committed life together……dancing in front of a bunch of people!!! This is quickly followed by the next nerve-wracking decision……what song for the first dance as husband and wife. Oh…..and we don’t know how to dance to whatever song we pick…..and…..oops! the Big Day is just around the corner. We’re toast!
Act 1, Scene 2:
The lovely bride-to-be wakes from a nightmare about this dilemma, jumps on the internet, searches for Wedding Social Dancing and clicks on a link that can make all these concerns disappear as if they never existed: Learn Social
The handsome groom-to-be wakes from his version of the same nightmare, turns over and rejoices that he is marrying such a smart woman…..she’ll take care of it!

Learning to Dance
This celebration is a very special one that not only impacts the primary people……the Bride and Groom….. but their family and friends as well. Everyone involved wants it to be perfect and very special for the celebrants and this desire extends quite naturally to the dance floor.
Mary Lou Kaye, Master Dance Teacher, helps you get ready for that very special wedding. It may be your own, your child’s your sister’s, brother’s, cousin’s or someone else pretty special to you. Maybe you’re part of the wedding party or maybe you’re just tired of sitting out and missing the fun of moving to the music. Regardless, dancing plays a big part in celebrating and she’s going to make sure you can participate.
Ideally the couple will think about addressing this issue very early in the planning stages when they can truly enjoy the process. With this approach they’ll discover learning a new skill together, especially dancing, will be an investment in time and money that will provide dividends for the rest of their lives.
The future will always hold social occasions where dancing is an integral part of the festivities… members and friends will be getting married……and wouldn’t it be lovely to celebrate your own anniversaries with dinner and dancing? And what about the company’s Christmas party or the other special events you will be attending in the course of time. And… of all…’ll look wonderful on the dance floor as the new Mr. and Mrs.

Goal of the Dance Lessons
Different couples have different goals. Some are only concerned about becoming comfortable on the dance floor because they will be out there alone while the music plays. As long as they get a basic feel for moving together they’re satisfied with a very informal approach. Others are only comfortable if they have a plan both parties are familiar with. For this type of couple a routine of specific steps to a specific song will create their comfort zone.

Either style can be accommodated. A background in choreography on the instructor’s part is very helpful because the situation still places a couple in the limelight for a few minutes but the actual subject matter has to be tailored to the specific needs of the couple as well as their skill level. The choreography and music should be chosen to make them shine on the dance floor, looking as polished in their movements as possible

Reaching the particular goal of the couple involved requires a fair amount of flexibility on both sides of the process…..learning and teaching. If the couple addresses this issue in the ideal time frame mentioned above, there is no pressure and progress can be steady and a source of enjoyment. If the timing is such that there is very little time available to train muscles to automatic responses, the leader how to lead and the follower how to follow, the end result can still be very good and observers will be pleased as they watch the results. The couple, however, will have to “cram” for the event.

“The Song”
If there isn’t a song that holds special meaning for the couple once they met already in place, then I suggest that we pick a song that matches their skills, personalities, and the style of the celebration. The music should, at this point, enhance the performance of the bridal dance and there is no reason to agonize over finding a song that never really meant anything in the first place. On the other side of the coin, if a particular song is something you may have danced to when you first met, or captured the attention of both parties during a show or performance, then the decision is made.

The genre of the song is also irrelevant… could be country, pop, old standards or anything else. A waltz is the queen of ballroom style dances and it inherently offers the sound of romance. Another plus is that it one of the easier dances to perform so it lends itself to many levels of excellence. I often recommend it when there hasn’t been an adequate amount of time carved out for learning to social dance.

If a couple has thought far enough ahead, there really is no limit when it comes to their choosing the music, dance or anything else.

The only thing that is critically important is the length of the song. Unless the couple is used to performing dance routines, a song should only be about 2 minutes in length……anything longer and they will feel like they’re ready to celebrate their first anniversary! In addition I learned with my dance company’s performances that the audience begins to get restless at this point (talk about short attention spans). Even if it’s your Mom and Dad, the couple would have to be championship caliber dancers to keep their eyes riveted for much more than 2 minutes.

If you have a DJ, then he/she should be instructed to begin to fade the song at the 2 minute mark. You’ll be able to tell it’s ending and there will be no surprises. If you have live music, tell them that 2 minutes of music is all you want.

Scheduling Wedding Dance Classes ~ Phoenix Area
Call 480.491.4942 and see what’s available that will suit your needs. Depending on the lead time you have, you can:
1) Learn to dance in very affordable group classes
2) Take private classes to work on a special routine for “your” song
3) Take private classes to accommodate a challenging schedule.
4) Don’t have a song? ….. Let her suggest one that will put your best foot forward.
5) Special attention is available for the Father/Daughter dance.
6) And what about Mom dancing with her son who is becoming the man of his own family?
7) Current trends have the bridesmaids dancing a routine….always fun for the girls
8) But the groomsmen are fighting back and they want their time on the dance floor.
9) Getting all the participants in the wedding ceremony is the hottest option out there now.
If you have allotted enough time to do so, you can enroll in the easily affordable group classes offered by Mary Lou Kaye at There are four 10 week sessions per year with start times in January, April, June and September. The program progresses through 4 different skill levels and in the case of wedding dancing, the minimum suggested participation is BSD 101 and BSD 102S……two sessions for a total of 20 hours of group dance instruction. You can read more about the complete group Dance Program under Local Classes. [link?]

This amount will allow the couple to move to the music with some style and grace within their own comfort zone. If a specific routine to a particular song is what appeals to the bridal couple, then they would find it best to schedule a few private classes so the focus can be on what they want and need. Decisions about this would be specific to the couple involved.

However, when a bride and groom have a favorite song they want to use, it’s usually something that will take a little personal tweaking which is best accomplished by private instruction. If enough time has been allotted before the big celebration, a combination of group and a few private classes can make it work out easily.

When working in a short overall time period, the only way to achieve success is with private lessons. The desired goals as well as other issues will determine how many appointments will be necessary. There is no need, however, to schedule a series of classes…

Everybody Dance
Another option for Wedding Dancing is to involve the entire wedding party in a little choreographed routine. In this case, a special group class could be arranged to accommodate all the involved parties. It’s a huge amount of fun and an awesome memory for all involved. This is something very special that is personalized to the event and participants.

Don’t Live in Phoenix – No Worries
There is a wedding dance instructional DVD available to give you most of the basic steps presented in the Basic Social Dance 101 class. [Shop Marketplace Today!] We can also work on your music and customize your classes via the internet. YouTube and the website will permit specialization of instruction even if you’re not next door. Feel free to call and find out more about the process.
The DVD is will provide information about dancing in general. It also includes
1. Hints about dancing in the special clothing you’ll be wearing
2. A routine that can be used by the Bride and Groom to music of their choice.
3. This same routine could be used by any of the participants.
4. Info about choosing a song.
5. A Demo of the proffered routine.
6. The opportunity to call and get some personalized assistance with your needs.
Feel free to write or call with any questions you may have…..there’s a lot of information to share.
In addition to teaching dance, Mary Lou headed up Good Times… Event Planning Concern for 20+ years. These events included many weddings with interesting themes and special features. It was a natural addition in light of the fact that she traveled around the country teaching and organizing dance festivals and contests from the East Coast to the Midwestern states, with occasional forays on the West Coast.
All of this experience is bound to make your celebration everything that you’ve ever dreamed of. Check it out now!

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