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Basic Social Dancing DVD

Mary Lou Kaye, a master dance teacher and studio owner takes partner dancing down to its simplest and easiest form ever in the Basic Social Dance DVD, the first of a series. Dancing is walking to music – you can do that! Does the music confuse you? No matter! The steps presented can be danced to almost any social dance rhythm you hear. No need yet to identify swings from cha-chas from waltzes. You’ll be out of your seat and moving to the music before you know it!

Social Dancing, unlike Ballroom Dancing, does not require a big band sound or a lot of room. You’ll be in demand at the next wedding, office party or special event you attend. Your social confidence will soar. All this for less than the price of one private lesson.



1. Introduction

2. Listen to the Music

3. Walking by Number

4. Walking Different Rhythms

5. Dance Steps You Already Know

6. Movement Drills

7. Freestyle

8. Frame

9. Leading and Following

10. Personal Learning Methods

11. Demonstration

12. Box Step

13. Turning Box

14. Closed Progressive

15. Open Check Step

16. Closed Check Step

17. Progressive Promenade

18. Progressive Promenade with Turn

19. Check Combinations

20. Summary


Basic Social Dance Video Reviews:

Los Angeles Times…

“Learn Basic Social Dance”…is one of five how-to-dance videos featuring…Mary Lou Kaye who,…is an award-winning master dance teacher and studio owner. Kaye has a nice sense of humor and serves up fun tips on the art of social dancing. Also available…are videos on wedding dances and the polka…”

Video Librarian….

“Learn Basic Social Dance” gets the job done, and Kaye is a gifted and humorous teacher. 3 stars. Recommended.

Library Journal…

…With a twinkle in her eye, Kaye covers “Dance steps you already know,” including a very funny demonstration of the chasse as the step you do sliding by that row of people in the moves. Drill and a variety of free-style steps get the beginner warmed up and comfortable….”

Joe Thome

“Your method of presenting the material has obviously been well thought out and encourages confidence…I also like the way you present much of the material…This makes it much easier to learn…Your unique tips on how to learn some of the techniques are also outstandingly helpful.”

Marlow & Jackie Jacobsen

“We liked your way of ‘keeping it simple’ style of teaching! We have many films to learn…but yours is one of the best…I only wish all our dancing friends could learn the basics from you…”

Walter Kalitan

“We enjoyed the tape very much. The instructions were clear and concise. We would be very interested in additional levels…”

A. Frank

“I’m delighted with the ‘Basic Dance Video.’ Your style of teaching is down-to-earth and makes a great deal of sense. Also, you make it into a fun time.”

Deborah Stone

“I think you could teach a monkey to dance!”

Karen Davis

Must tell you how much fun we had this last 5 days learning how to social dance.

We had decided to spend a weekend alone (away from the kids!) at a resort near where we live. The highlight being the formal dinner and dancing they offer and we were going to be there for a Saturday night.

We have been married for 22 years and never danced like we had any idea we knew what we were doing. We went to our local library and got a copy of the Mary Lou Kaye’s Social Dancing video.

What a difference it made for us. We had 2 days to learn the box step and the basic combinations. We practiced in our head, listened to the beat of music, danced in the shower in the mornings to get our extra practice time.

Now, we are not Fred and Ginger, but we definitely didn’t feel like Abbot and Costello (as Mary Lou would say).

And, must say how funny Mary Lou is. We always had a good laugh at her one-liners.

Thanks again for helping make our weekend a memorable one!!