Social Dance 102

Group Dance Lessons

This level allows the dancers to relax more and learn to ID the dance that best fits the music. Unlike the intro level which focused on movements and steps that were universal to 8 different dances, we will learn the unique characteristics of those dances and add a Fast Waltz to the mix. The Smooth class will address the Waltz, Fox Trot/One Step, and Fast Waltz. In the Rhythm class we will work on Huggie Bear, Tango and Rumba. We continue in these 2 classes to build upon and expand the material from BSD 101.

For the rest of your dancing life, you will be using the partnering skills, movement techniques and steps you learned in Basic Social Dance 101 and 102 when walking onto the dance floor. They are your foundation, regardless of how skilled or how many more steps you may learn. All advanced movements will build on your grasp of this material.

  • Leading
  • Following
  • Timing
  • Rhythm
  • Musicality


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