Social Dance 101

Group Dance Lessons

In Basic Social Dance 101 you learn to dance with your head (a lot of facts to process, connection to your partner, alignment, dance floor positioning, where to go, how to go, and, oh yes, steps to memorize). We learn about Slows and Quicks: a Slow equals 2 beats of music; a Quick equals 1 beat. At this point a student can definitely function on a dance floor but not without some assistance as to which rhythms to use or how to start. It is still an intellectual exercise! The mind is constantly directing the actions. It just isn’t possible to get up and start dancing mindlessly to the music; it’s still a challenge to figure out which rhythm should be used to the song being played and then do the memorized steps. When it comes time to automatically respond to the music, the students are still “dancing in the dark”. The steps presented are “Universal” in that they can be used to dance to Waltz, Fox Trot/One Step/ Huggie Bear, Tango, Rumba, Swing and Cha Cha music. At the end of this first session, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether you really want to learn to dance.

Social Dance 101 Syllabus

Intro to:

  • Leading
  • Following
  • Timing
  • Rhythm
  • Musicality

Steps: Done to all songs – no dance recognition required

  • Basic Box Step
  • Arch Turn
  • Closed Check
  • Open Check
  • Chasse
  • Progressive Movement
  • Rock Movement

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