Available Class Types

Man and woman dance at a party


Group Classes

Learning to dance in a group situation is a wonderful and very economical way to begin your dance education.  It’s FUN in a social setting where you become aware everyone is sharing the same experiences of fun, confusion and more fun.  It levels the playing field and creates a comfort zone.

One of the most valuable contributions a group class can make happens when you are invited to change partners.  It’s the most important contribution this class can provide:  leaders strengthen their leading skills and followers learn to follow a variety of signals from different partners.  There is no other way to get this extremely valuable experience.

You also get some very important feedback:  if you are having difficulty with a move and that same challenge goes around the room with you, guess who needs to ask for clarification and some special attention!

Private Classes

Private classes (1 or 2 people) are available on a limited basis.  These are highly recommended for everyone
on an occasional basis (once every 3 or 4 months) if group classes are your primary source of learning……
they allow for refining troublesome issues particular to individuals.

They are also the answer to learning if a student has a demanding and erratic schedule that prevents regular attendance in a group class.  Some students simply prefer private instruction.  In this case, the private
students would greatly enhance their learning experience by participating in an occasional group class.
You learn a LOT from dancing with other partners in the same program

 Semi-Private Classes

More Advanced Classes are semi-private to accommodate the specific needs of the more advanced dancers.  They provide a more private experience at a less-than-private rate.

Also included in this category is the Fearless Leaders class dedicated to Men Only.  This provides basic movements and leading skills before the gentleman is put into a position of leading his partner….a great confidence builder.  It is semi-private because the participants will only dance with the instructor for full attention on their individual progress.  Classes are scheduled as time and interest dictates.

Advancing Levels

About 2 or 3 weeks before a session ends, you will be asked to let me know if you will continue to the next level.  No pressure is intended but your feedback allows me to set up a detailed schedule.

Students currently in the program come first in setting up the schedule.  If you/your class is not able to use the time slot you are in, then it can be assigned to a new entry level class.  We need to give the newcomers 2 to 3 weeks to arrange their schedules.

With this system in place, it should reduce some of  the normal chaos as we approach a new registration period ….. never my favorite activity to start with

Makeup Classes

Makeup Classes are offered in my Dance Program as a courtesy to meet the unexpected absences caused by work/family/medical surprises.

Students are welcome to attend any other suitable classes where they can make up missed time on the dance floor with instruction available.  Once in the program, it is not the subject matter as much as the supervised time spent on the dance floor that is important.

The day or time frame may not be as convenient to the participant since they originally chose a different class to suit their schedule, but the ultimate choice to make up absences is left open to the student  Makeup Classes are attended in addition to the session in which the student is enrolled.  When time permits, sometimes additional time is offered during a session to offset absences (i.e., classes run additional 15 minutes)

As always, thank you for your interest in my Social Dance Program.  I am pleased that I can be included in your dancing journey which is such a fun and rewarding activity.