About Me

Mary Lou Kay - Certified Dance TeacherMary Lou Kaye –

I’m Mary Lou Kaye and for more years than I’ll admit to, I’ve been teaching social dancing to people of all ages, amateurs and professionals alike, in all kinds of venues.

Social Dancing is my passion !!!

Although trained and certified by the DEA and PDF as a ballroom instructor, I retained my wide experience and interest in what I refer to as “street” dancing a/k/a Social Dance.  All it took was some time and effort to merge the two worlds for a unique product that will allow you to shine on any dance floor to any music anywhere.  I promise !

I’ve done a lot of teaching in public schools and private academies for grades 3 through 12. I had my own studio in the Chicago area for 20+ years and established the Vagabond Dancers, a performing company that traveled around the country entertaining thousands of people.

I also pioneered and established a competitor-friendly format of dance contests which is widely used on a national basis. In addition to SOCIAL (not ballroom) dancing, the polka is my other specialty. It’s America’s favorite fun dance.

In addition to competing, my husband and I also performed for many years with and without the Vagabond Dancers and I’m completely at home on the microphone, in front of a camera or in a studio setting.

I like to make learning to dance fun through the use of humor… …the L.A. Times said: “…Kaye has a nice sense of humor and serves up fun tips on the art of social dancing” and the Video Librarian said in their review of my video“…Basic Social Dance gets the job done, and Kaye is a gifted and humorous teacher.”

I also created my own KISS method… …Keep It Super Simple . Believe it or not, it’s not really all that complicated… …you already know a lot of steps… …you just don’t know it!!! To me dance means movement, not just a series of left foot, right foot patterns.

Training and Experience
► Two time national dance champion
► Certified by DEA (Dance Educators of America) and PDF
► 20 years of study and training with local and national champion instructors
► 10 years of training and study at Brigham Young University with world champion coaches
► 30 years of teaching experience at all levels locally and nationally

Well, that’s enough about me. Reliving all this time on the dance floor has exhausted me……I must have danced a million or more miles and I have to rest up so I can do it again!

See you on the dance floor!