What’s the Difference Between Social and Ballroom Dancing?

“Social” Dancing is lead and follow … anything goes.   It’s small, crowded dance floors and a multitude of musical genres.   More…

What is Social Dancing?  Check it out..


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No certified specialists in “social” dancing nearby?  Learn at home when it’s convenient for you.  DVDs and soon to be released online videos will make it a breeze.   More…

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Dancing is a big part of this milestone celebration.  Learn some secrets to maximizing the fun!   More…

 Oh…you’ve got 2 LEFT FEET… no rhythm,…a sore toe…..another excuse?

Let Mary Lou’s special KISS method ( Keep It SUPER Simple)
fix it!!!


Some Rave Reviews

Deborah Stone “I think you could teach a monkey to
Estelle Brodhead “I thoroughly enjoyed and learned
quite a bit from your video tape ‘Basic Social Dancing’.”
Robert P. “Most fun? Making it simple!”
Bob Walters “Steps easy to learn.”

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